We produce iron and steel castings on our own production base using LFC technology

allowing you to save on the weight of each casting and get any part within 14 days

Steel casting
Iron casting
CNS pumps and spare parts for them
Mine Trolleys
VG-4.5 and spare
parts to them


The main structures of the enterprise are:

1. Foundry

With two induction furnaces with a capacity of up to 800 kg. liquid metal each. The production of iron and steel castings is carried out by the method of precision casting on burning polystyrene models (LFC), which allows the customer to significantly save money when paying for the weight of suitable casting. The casting shop includes a model site on which both serial and piece polystyrene production models are produced;

2. Mechanical processing shop

(rotary, milling, drilling machines, lathes DIP 300-400);

3. Heat treatment area

(quenching furnace, annealing furnace and high frequency filter);


Over the years, the company has mastered the production of both batch products and non-batch products manufactured for individual orders.
Serial products:

- wheels and spare parts for mine trolleys
- wheels for trolleys
- wheels for UBSH and PPN
- scrapers and knives for scrapers
- molds and molds
- pumps for CNS and spare parts for pumps for CNS
- loading hatch covers (22843)
- floor plates (in t 2K-2283, K-3855a, K-3990b, K-5619, K-5619a)
- grate bars, coke ram rails, loading hatches, coke ovens and hub thresholds, knee
-plate plate feeder (piece and complete)
- brake pads

- disks and asterisks for rollers of agricultural enterprises
- spare parts for sinter carts
- tracks to excavators
- half-couplings
- sleeves
- blanks
- shafts
- inserts
- different types of bearing housings
- impellers to pumps
- spare parts to an EKG-5 excavator (straight and oblique tooth of the bucket, kremalernaya gear, stick handle, tension wheel, MPM pulley, slide, stop, yoke, drive half and coupling and driven, tension axle bushing, semi-clamps)
- rollers for excavators
- cast-iron elements of multicyclone

Our regular customers and partners

«Никопольский завод ферросплавов»
железорудный комбинат»
«Северный горно-обогатительный комбинат»
«Запорожский завод ферросплавов»
«Южный горно-
обогатительный комбинат»
Кривой Рог»
«Центральный горно-обогатительный комбинат»
АО «Уманьферммаш»
железорудный комбинат»
«Ингулецкий горно-обогатительный комбинат»
а также ряд частных предприятий машиностроительной и сельскохозяйственной отраслей


Ukraine, Krivoy Rog,
st. Stepan Tilgy, 6/23
Phone number for customers:
+38 (097) 598-95-43
Phone number for suppliers:
+38 (050) 587-78-70
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00 - 18:00

For advice and for all questions, you can call, write or leave a request for a specialist callback:

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