Iron casting

Cast iron is a strong, but at the same time accessible material that has excellent casting qualities. It acts as a raw material for steelmaking. The company "Segment" offers casting services for products from various types of cast iron (medium gray, high-strength HF, FM, ductile, IChH) weighing up to 500 kg If you already have drawings of cast iron, then we are ready to carry out iron casting according to your drawings.

Our experts will cope with casting products of any degree of complexity. At the same time, the cost of work is relatively low, since the cast iron itself is somewhat cheaper than other materials, for example, steel.

The list of cast iron products:

  • Molds and molds for casting machines of ferroalloy and metallurgical enterprises;

  • Cast iron parts weighing up to 600 kg.

  • Cast iron multicyclone elements and grate;

  • Casting discs, bushings, coupling halves, liners, shafts;

  • Making of bottom plates

  • Manufacturing frames and manhole covers for coke production

LLC "Segment" is a leader in the segment of the production of cast iron. We guarantee high quality of finished products and affordable price. We are familiar with all the intricacies of the process, which allows you to get the best cast iron. We supply in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries and Poland.


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